“Associative and Immaterial Aspects in Cultural Landscapes”

Landscape architect -PhD on Landscape Techniques and Aesthetics-, Past President of the European Region of the International Federation of Landscape Architects –IFLA EUROPE, member of the National Committee of the Spanish ICOMOS and of the ICOMOS-IFLA Committee on Cultural Landscapes and Historic Gardens, as well as of many other organisations. She is both a lecturer and course director at various universities in Spain and European countries, as well as the funding member of CITEREA, a landscape practice specialised in landscape architecture and environmental design, with award winning projects in Spain as well as in other countries (Belgium, France, Italy, etc.). She is also author of many research projects, articles and books, both in Spanish, French, English an Italian.



“Collective Memory and Place Identity: Landscape Design Interventions in Greece”

Dr. Aikaterini Gkoltsiou has a Ph.D. in Geography from the University of Aegean in Greece, a Master in Landscape Architecture from the University of Edinburgh, U.K., and a diploma in agriculture from the Agricultural University of Athens, Greece. From 2016 she is the President to PHALA and delegate to IFLA and IFLA Europe for Greece.
She is having her own practice in Athens since 1997. She specializes in a wide range of services in the design, construction and research sector of landscape architecture. Her landscape expertise involves the landscape design of public and private projects, landscape assessment, and landscape restoration projects. She is also a partner of AGRODESIGN, in order to promote rural tourism and to provide innovative ideas concerning the landscape design of agritourism farms and agricultural landscape.
From 2002, she is participating in research projects towards the assessment of land cover/use changes using landscape metrics and spatial statistics combined with Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) techniques, landscape typologies, analysis of tourism landscapes, etc. She was also the co-author in books for High Schools and Universities, she wrote articles in many journals, participating in technical reports for road schemes and she was giving lectures about landscape design and research.



“Fostering Culturally and Socially Responsive Landscapes through Participatory Design with Indigenous Cultures”

Bruno Marques is a registered landscape architect and university educator. Originally from Portugal, Marques completed his undergraduate degree in Landscape Architecture at Lisbon University and his postgraduate degree in Landscape Architecture at Berlin Technical University, Germany, in early 2000’s. He has practised in Germany, Estonia and the United Kingdom, having an extensive portfolio of built projects. During the past 5 years at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, he has developed an extensive research agenda to embrace the formulation of frameworks on landscape rehabilitation, cultural landscapes and Indigenous community health and wellbeing. His teaching, research and practice ethos places people at the forefront, applying strategies of design-led, evidence-based and co-design research, focusing on Indigenous knowledge and new research methodologies. Collaborative and interdisciplinary in nature, Marques’ research applies a shared platform within landscape architecture that fosters engagement with other researchers and practitioners working on a common problem in the built environment. Together with Jacqueline McIntosh, he leads a Therapeutic and Rehabilitative Designed Environments Lab (www.trde.design) that includes practitioners and academics from Architecture, Health, Medicine, Industrial Design and Computer Engineering. Bruno Marques currently is the Head of the Landscape Architecture Department at the School of Architecture of Victoria University of Wellington. Professionally, he has been a long-standing contributor to the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA), most recently acting as the Standing Chair for Communications and External Relations (2014-2018).


“Memory And Identity Landscapes Of Slavonski Brod-Posavina County, The Republic Of Croatia”

Dr. Darija Perković is a licensed landscape architect and a scientist from Croatia. Her professional experience includes landscape protection and conservation, urban green infrastructure planning, public-corporate-residential landscape design and project management. Over the years, she has developed a particular interest regarding the natural and cultural heritage of both continental and mediterranean Croatian historical and cultural landscapes, working on research and projects related to sustainable and resilient urban and suburban development. She has teaching experience in the area of landscape design and has been speaker at various international conferences on urbanism, spatial planning, protection of heritage and biotechnical sciences. Perković holds a Master’s Degree in landscape architecture from The University of Zagreb, Croatia (2010) and after passing the State exam in construction and spatial planning (2016) is a licensed landscape architect. Currently is a PhD candidate in Sustainable Development and Spatial Planning, the Doctoral study at the Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, researching the interrelation between coastal touristic development and urban green spaces in the area of North Adriatic. Since 2016, she is an IFLA/IFLA Europe delegate from Croatian Association of Landscape Architects.


“The City of the Blinds: The Urban Memory Experience Carried to the Future”

Gökçe received her BA in Architecture and Landscape Architecture from Istanbul Technical University. During her professional career, Gokce worked on several major design projects of different scales including green roof designs. She traveled all over Turkey and completed a major research project about the drawbacks and effects of hydroelectric power on the local people and their environment. During that time she observed kids playing in the natural environment and it gave her an idea.

In 2010 she founded arKiDect, School of Architecture for Kids where kids discover and learn about architecture. In 2011 Gokce relocated to NYC to further her education in Green Construction Technology. Currently Gokce works as a project manager at New York City Department of Parks and Recreation and teaches architecture to kids in USA and Turkey.


“Landscape Architecture Education, Recognition and Inclusive Capacity Building”

Currently chair of Education and Academic Affairs at the International Federation of Landscape Architecture IFLA, Salma is a Landscape Engineer with a PhD in Cultural Landscape from the University of Rome Tor Vergata in Italy, a Master degree in Landscape and Territory Planning from the University of Aix-Marseille in France and an Agriculture Engineering diploma from USEK in Lebanon. She co-founded in 1998, the Landscape and Territory Planning department at the Lebanese University, Faculty of Agriculture and has served as department chair from 2013 till October 2017. Her professional and academic expertise includes cultural landscapes, road landscape design, landscape infrastructure, landscape restoration, landscape integration and impact studies. Salma is a co-founder and the vice-president of the Lebanese Landscape Association LELA affiliated to IFLA.



“Vulnerability as an Asset. Landscape Design Moving People Forward”

Architect specialized in open spaces, active in Italy and abroad as designer, project manager and consultant. Lecturer at the Master Course on Design and Preservation of Garden and Landscape – Politecnico University – Minoprio Foundation, broadcaster and member of the Landscape Commission of the Metropolitan City of Milan, pursuing quality and discovery in each element of a project.




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